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Parkland Bespoke Core Cutters / Bespoke Tube Cutters

At Parkland, we can offer a host of solutions for your core cutting requirements.  With our in-house design team we have worked with many customers to develop a solution to satisfy their exact requirements. 

Some examples of these projects are listed below:

Manual Tube / Core Cutter for Large Diameter Cores

This manual core cutting machine has been specifically designed to cut large diameter, heavy and thick walled cores and/or drums.

  • Core Length 3000mm long
  • Modular construction
  • Maximum wall thickness 20mm (cardboard)
  • Core size from 75mm to 625mm

Reel Cutter

This manual reel cutting machine provided a simple and accurate method of cutting through the length of core flush at the edges of each finished reel.  It can also be used for cutting cardboard or plastic cores.

  • Core size 25mm to 76mm
  • Maximum core length 1000mm

Core Notcher

The machine has the capability to notch cores in both plastic and cardboard. The machine will punch a notch in the end of each core either singly or two at a time orientated 180 degrees apart. Punched slugs are blown out automatically by a compressed air blast from the back of the punch and collected on the machine table. The tooling being designed to ensure no finger traps are possible during the punching process.

  • Maximum core length 300mm
  • Minimum core length 30mm
  • Tooling available for 12.7mm & 25.4mm ID Cores

If you are interested in our Bespoke Core Cutting Machines (or Bespoke Tube Cutting Machines) and would like more information, please contact our sales office on 0161 762 9737 or email

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